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About Us

Our goal is to explain you everything about the Federal Parliament. Federaal Parlement is Belgium’s Federal Parliament, connecting Belgians to the core of democracy.

Our motivation is to foster transparency, understanding, and citizen empowerment through knowledge and insight.

We are not an official government instance, we are only here to educate you.

Our Initiatives

Discover the impactful initiatives we take for people in need.

Educational Outreach

Promoting civic education and awareness among young people through interactive programs.

Legislative Advocacy

Advocating for legislation and policies that promote social equality and address pressing societal issues.

Citizen Engagement

Creating opportunities for citizens to engage with their representatives and participate in the democratic process.

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Inspiring Stories

Explore the transformative stories that have brought positive change to people’s lives.

Hope Restored

Read how a legislative initiative provided critical support to marginalized communities, restoring hope in their lives.

Community Empowerment

Learn how citizen engagement played a pivotal role in driving community-led development and empowerment.

Take Action

Join us in championing democracy and making a difference in the lives of Belgians.

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